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 Did You Know? Cause We...


Words asociated with Greek-Roman myths...

The world of myth, and how it manifests in our world today in the form of communication...



 The Bottle Symphony Orchestra







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The Speed of Darkness...



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The Worlds Oldest Operating Roller Coaster




Benjamin Bannaker (A figure in science...)


Swans Singing...


Major Gases in the Earth's Atmosphere











  As The Earth Travels...

  P's and q's

  The Four Great Inventions

  Top Secret




  "Let Me Check My Calendar"



  Granny Smith Apples




  The Three Princes of Serendip


  Donuts "Time to make them".



  The First Moonwalk - Bill Bailey - The Apollo Theater

One of the first ever moonwalks on film...


  The Brass Fam...

Originally brass instruments were not used for art/music....



  Ice Cream Sunday

The confection that became the Sundae...


Ukiyo (Floating World)


Serious business was being carried out at the forum in Ancient Rome...





A new style of dance was going on in the Italian Renaissance courts...


  Tipping is not Just for Cows



Originating in the 17th century in the streets of Kyoto Japan...


  Sun tanning (Who started it?)

According to legend it wasn't until a famous fashion designer accidentally...


  Blurred line between robot and human

The robot and the implementaion of cognitive psychological studies...

  Meteorite brought ingredient for life (2012)



  Uncle Sam Got Beef?

Samuel Wilson was said to be a jovial popular man...


  A Bikini?

That's the Bomb!!!


  Take Me to Paradise


  Pioneers of Street Dance (The Lockers)



  What color is light?
  What is light?
  What is Ultraviolet light?







  Duhhh Which Way Did He Go?



  40 Days 40 Nights


  Dixieland (The Land of the Dixies)




  10 Examples of Hip hop 'n R&B

Hip hop and R&B sittin in a tree...






  Ahhh...The Good ol Days

  Pagans or Peasants?
  First Comes Love Then Comes Marriage
  So Many Words...
  King of Pop "Sweat The Technique"
  Fashion in HIp Hop...what is it???
  That's You D Wade!

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Hot 8 Brass Band - Ghost Town

























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